Somebody Loves You

Faceless female busts, long shapely legs modeled after the artist’s own body measurements are dressed in sensual vinyl, charming canvases of Jouy, soft velvety material, adorned with precious stones and sumptuous embroidery. They reveal seductive elegance and reflect the indescribable, intimate and timeless femininity. “My sculptures are born as movie heroines, they play different roles depending on their positions and carry different personalities as they change finery.” They are named: “Follow your art,” “Madame Butterfly”, “Marry Me Or Forget Me”, “Vinyl Devil,” “Bolshoi” … Each body part is a game play with multiple combinations of positions. The colors and materials are centered around topical issues, fashion, mores or culture”. They can lay on your couch, your bed or sit quietly with you in your brainstorming to show off your Art’s Fashion sense!