Gold Fusion

Becoming a Painting

For many years now, Isabelle Gros has used her body as a medium to paint. Embodying the role of a paint brush, she uses her anatomy in an instinctive ballet that is rapid and almost animalistic. At the source of Isabelle’s use of her body as medium is the rapport between body, soul, time, and space, and the relation among these four is imprinted on the canvas through various movements of the body. In this intimate and sensorial relation the artist fuses with the canvas and paints with her body. For Isabelle, the meeting of the surface and the movement captures the impact of the present, that fleeting moment we are always trying desperately to capture. She uses her body with its imprints of time and life, and transfers those deeply hidden laden memories that one’s body carries with it forever. “In my artwork, l seek to reunite the past, the present and the future such that they are all simultaneously present. l seek to explore the elasticity of time, a part of eternity that we all have in us, that reproduces the past and prolongs our memories into the future.”