Isabelle GROS has asserted in an abstract and deeply personal style leading her very close to abstraction. The artist supports her style by trying to capture the body dynamics through the musical rhythm, the deep and vital energy released by the moving body at every moment in time. In this quest, the color and the paint brush become essential. They create an interplay of shapes freely imaginative and symbolic often starting with one spontaneous print or a mere color drop. Isabelle GROS uses the material, lines, shapes, and all mediums given to her, pigments into loose paint, large brush strokes and a wide range of technical means to release the energy of a movement in the making. Eccentric combinations meet or intermingle emerging into abstract forms sometimes extending to the figurative. The visual translation of the postures of the body in motion implies the liberation of the artist in the immediacy of spontaneity as well as the speed of execution that are part of our daily lives.