Future Projects

Becoming an Adaptive Artwork

The process takes form through motion; Isabelle Gros’ body evolves through a series of moments that are then crystallized into instants. As her body moves, each motion creates new symbolic meanings and forms.

Isabelle Gros envelops her body in a canvas-like cocoon. She dematerializes the imprint of her body to construct a 3D universe. She submerges herself into physical space, and materializes her acts by rupturing her movements and therefore becoming a static object. The imprint of her body gives shape to the material that tightly envelops her. Imprints of the material in various poses are then taken, to later become blue prints for the creation of furniture designs. Isabelle Gros then becomes a chair, a bed, a sofa, etc., essentially she becomes an adaptive artwork. Much like in her paintings, Isabelle preserves instants in time, just like a camera that captures an instant in motion to then become a negative; Gros does the same to create her series of furniture.