Current Exhibition



October 4 to November 1, 2011

Elga Wimmer PCC Gallery
526 West 26th Street, Suite 310
Tel. 212.206.0006

Since the dawn of Humanity, art dealing with femininity has tended to represent specific devotions:Fertility, beauty, myth, mystery, indulgence, charity, kindness…

Artistically inspired by these socio-historical and cultural fields, Isabelle Gros-Kowal has been working for many years on the societal representation of woman. She uses the physical and psychological imprint of femininity as a support for the interpretation of her inquiries.

Her sculptures record the ways the body is defined by culture and how it is in dialogue with 21st. century culture.”Madonna and the Milky Way” reflects the imprint of contemporary women, “matrixes”  of future generations. They put forth the traditional aspect of their bellies in order to underline the importance of the container, receptacle of their desires.  They stretch proudly and with dignity their chest so as to place on the lips of humanity the enriched milk of a new and delicate substance, that of their crossing of ethical, physical, economical, religious, ethnic borders: The elixir of moral fecundity. Did not Leonardo da Vinci famously write ” Art is Cosa Mentale”?

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